Sun Voyager

November 26 – December 23, 2015
OPENING: November 26, 2015 7-9 pm

Morgana Wallace and Caroline Darling’s collaborative show.

Morgana’s statement – I feel the characters I create are ones I would use in a book, if only I could write. Book illustration has influenced my art from an early age; the dragons, queens, sorcerers and creatures that inhabited those stories still speak to me.
Whether I am using hand painted papers in a collage format, or making drawings with ink and pen as in this show, my inspiration always seems to come from ancient cultures, fantasy, or futuristic sci-fi. Inspiration abounds in Greek myths, Japanese prints, Viking artifacts, or Medieval textiles, which provides a wealth of visual imagery I can use to create an imaginary world.
I leave the interpretation of my work to the viewer. I invite them to step into each piece and enter a space inhabited by characters waiting to tell a story.
I am constantly challenged and delighted by the creative process. There is always something new to discover, some new way to share my vision, and enrich my life as an artist.

Caroline’s work is an experimental exploration of layering. It mixes both subconscious and purposeful technique to capture a moment at the intersection of time, place and thought. Her process begins with automatic, subconscious drawing, then comes into its own—an ever evolving entity. Colours represent mood and being, while shapes and textures capture the place. Ultimately, the pieces highlight and unlock the beauty encapsulated in a moment, and evoke a visceral, emotional response.