Summer Exhibit

July 14 – August 31, 2016

Summer Exhibit – Artists – Michael Lewis, Glenn Wainman, Eunmi Conacher, Judy McLaren and Stephanie Harding

Michael Lewis is exhibiting with some new work alongside Glenn Wainman’s photographs of Koi transferred onto canvas in a beautiful painterly manner, and a few other special summer guests…
We are here for all your framing needs and for the next six weeks available for parties in the original Dales.
September and October we will be closed for seismic upgrading and restoration. We look forward to seeing you in November.

Michael Lewis – Biography

Michael Lewis was born in Sayre, Oklahoma in 1947.
He celebrated Independence Day by moving to Canada, July 4th 1969.
Initially his subject matter was related to his years working in the local emergency shelter: homelessness, mental illness, prostitution, street and media-promoted violence, drug and alcohol addiction.
Later he became more introspective, using childhood memories, adult stresses and dreams.
He has also worked in more traditional areas such as the still life, the nude and portraiture.
Lewis’s biggest influences have been the Sunday Funnies, the Saturday Matinee, German Social Realists like George Grosz, Otto Dix and Americans of the same period like William Gropper.
Raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, he tends to view the world around him in neon sideshow glasses, populated mostly by baggy-pants clowns, chorus girls, and fat ring masters with whips.
 Glenn Wainman
My work explores the artistic boundaries between photography and painting. Working within the limitations of focus and depth of field inherent in every lens, I endeavour to create painterly images.Distracting features can disappear with ease and like the painter who chooses to exclude irrelevant details in their image; the magic of the digital dark room offers me much the same control. My process begins with a well-composed photo altered through, HDR (High Dynamic Range) detail extractors and image sharpening which facilitate the watercolour and oil paint effects I aim to achieve. My goal is to invite the viewer into the image and to let them feel comfortable inside my world.

I studied commercial art at Danforth Technical School in Toronto and am mostly a self-taught photographer. Now that I’m in my 60’s I’m getting comfortable with the art and craft of digital photography. I spent 33 years in ambulance paramedic practice, and found photography to be a welcome rest from the noise and stress of the work. I see my art as a healing tool and hope to continue through my art to help First Responders who are suffering from PTSD to find a new vision of their world through the pursuit of art.

In Peace and Healing