Stealing Time

October 29 – November 26, 2014
OPENING: Tuesday, November 4. 6-9 pm

Dales Gallery is proud to present an unusual view of the world around us.

Not content with capturing the world they see, artists Don Craig, Benoit Jansen-Reynaud and Matt Politano employ alternate exposure techniques to photograph motion and the passage of time, creating landscapes invisible to the human eye.

Stealing Time brings together three different but complementary ways of seeing – a collection of elegant enigmas that challenge our perceptions.

Silent Auction

Each artist will also be auctioning a print with all proceeds to Doctors Without Borders. We invite you to drop by the gallery in support of the important work this group does.

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Don Craig

Don Craig’s involvement with photography spans his 30-year career in graphic design. Having worked with and been inspired by numerous talented photographers, Don started to develop his own photographic vision during the past 10 years. Drawn to multiple genres of image making, Don has always enjoyed long exposure and landscape photography. Working in both genres, Don feels that he can slow down time, if not stop it entirely. In particular, long exposure photography creates a vision of the world that is at once familiar yet more serene. Making these types of images is a refreshing change from the commercial photography that now occupies much of Don’s professional life.

The entire process of creating a image, from planning, to making the exposure, to final print, is the important part of photography for Don. If someone enjoys living with one of his images, he feels especially grateful. Don’s photography is part of numerous private collections.

Benoit Jansen-Reynaud

Benoit Jansen-Reynaud, born in Chalons-sur-Marne, France, is an award winning photographer now living in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. That Benoit has always been very creative is evident in everything he does. Photography is an ideal media through which he can express his creative thought. Benoit chose to focus on fine art photography after discovering the wonderful works of Cole Thompson, Michael Levin and Alexey Titarenko.

Benoit has received numerous awards such as the prestigious IPA International Photo Award and PX3 Prix de la Photographie, Paris, France. He has donated his work to charitable causes as well as having his work published in numerous magazines and limited edition books in the US and France.

Matt Politano

Matt grew up in a family of artists, so he really had no choice in the matter. Drawn to surrealism at an early age, and later inspired by Tim Walker and Ellen Kooi, his work has often strayed into the world of the imaginary.

His current explorations use photography, printmaking and mixed media to create unusual and compelling images. His work is held in private collections throughout North America, the U.K. and Japan.