Side Streets and Roads Less Travelled

March 5 – April 1, 2009
OPENING: March 5, from 7-9pm

On the surface, this is an exhibition of travel photography. Scratch a little deeper and you may find that all is not as it seems. Some of these places exist. Others do not.

When I travel, I’m not drawn to the beach resorts or usual tourist attractions. Instead, I wander down back streets, through old buildings and out-of-the-way markets. I am drawn to spaces rich in atmosphere and texture – places you won’t usually find on a postcard. Each is something felt more than seen.

The pieces in this exhibition are my attempts to convey that feeling of each place or space. I order to do so, I will often create the image from pieces; a photo-realistic assemblage of parts that make up the whole I see in my mind’s eye – rather than what I see in the camera’s viewfinder.

Some of the images presented are fairly straightforward photographs; others are fabrications. Most fall somewhere in between. Consider this a journey through places and spaces both real and imagined. We leave it to you to determine which is which.