Maggie Walt Pop Up Boutique

July 2 – September 30, 2014


The ‘Maggie Walt’ label is a fusion of East meets West in the finest sense. The line is eclectic, romantic but sophisticated, and simply a pleasure to wear.


One of my pleasures is to work with European, in particular Italian fabrics, which form the very feminine and fluid ‘bias cut’ dresses which are always a favourite with clients.
My true passion lies in working with the exotic textiles I discover in off-the-beaten-track merchant stalls of Southeast Asia. The rich brocades from exquisite silks; the hand painted batiks; many finely finished with intricate beading and embroidery performed by local artisans. Every item is an original display of craftsmanship and detail rarely found in today’s busy world. The fabrics are often available only in small quantities and make many of my pieces quite unique.
Though most of the line is very wearable by day, many of the designs are quite elegant and suited to an evening at the symphony or the theatre.