Public Notice of Graphic Blandishments

February 4 – March 2, 2016
OPENING: February 4, 6-9pm

New Works in graphite by Ehren Salazar and GJ Pearson

Ehren Salazar

Originally from Vancouver, artist Ehren Salazar has spent the past two years living in the James Bay neighbourhood of Victoria. Ehren works full time as an artist, drawing/painting works for gallery exhibitions, commissioned pieces for the movie industry, private collectors and businesses. When weather permits, he enjoys painting murals and other works of public art. Ehren managed the still-running arts venue Little Mountain Gallery in Vancouver from 2006-2012.

Gary Pearson

In my interdisciplinary practice, I seek to explore various forms of sculpture, drawing, and painting. I make small elaborate machines that serve no real purpose – pieces that are intricate and meditative. I hope the viewer will wonder why they were made and be puzzled by them; that they will trigger a memory or emotion that leaves them moved, amused, mystified, happy. Similarly with two-dimensional works – mostly graphite on paper – I wish to create a new mythology, inspired by the old mythologies, hopefully beautiful and bewildering.