Elephant Enigma

October 3 – 21, 2014
OPENING: Special presentation by Dag Goering 4pm October 4

Elephant Enigma is an exhibit that conveys the complexity of the human-elephant relationship and the sense of awe one experiences in the presence of these majestic giants.

Layered images playing on transparency, light and shadows in combination with text; large panels of photographic collages printed on thin fabric; artifacts from cultures with a long history of living with elephants: all of these elements come together to engage the viewer on an emotional and intellectual level.

The responses to the exhibit have been overwhelmingly positive – many visitors have described it as a profoundly affecting and deeply informative experience. 

I welcome opportunities to bring this work to new audiences and affect a change in our awareness of the plight of these magnificent creatures.

Elephant Earth Event – Oct. 4, 2014

For World Animal Day on Oct. 4th Elephant Earth will be hosting an event at Dales Gallery to raise awareness about crisis facing elephants and rhinos

Dag Goering, a local photographer, modern-day explorer and co-owner of Hidden Places Travel will be showing a new incarnation of ‘Elephant Enigma’, an exhibit that was premiered at Dales Gallery 5 years ago and has since be shown across North America, Europe and Asia to great acclaim.

“Primarily, I want to let viewers experience the beauty and magnificence of these amazing creatures. Anyone who gets a real sense of elephants simply cannot standby while they go extinct.”

Due to the high demand for ivory, elephants are being slaughtered at a rate of about one every 15 minutes and they could be extinct in the wild within a decade or two. Dag Goering and his wife, the author Maria Coffey have see the devastation wrought by poachers and as a result they founded Elephant Earth, the conservation arm of Hidden Places. Elephant Earth has been endorsed His Holiness the Dalai Lama for the good work it has been doing for elephant conservation and welfare.

The event starts at 4:00 PM and includes a presentation by Dag Goering about the challenges facing elephants. and how his organization, Elephant Earth is making a difference.