FOCUS with Nathan and Kristofer – Reclamations and The Falling Light with Robert Lovett

May 31 – June 30, 2016
OPENING: June 9, 7-9 pm

Kristofer Parley and Nathan Davis with Robert Lovett – Photography, trains, graffiti, abstracts, water colour, pen and ink.  What more could you want?

Kristofer Parley has been creating art for more than 30 years. In 2013, he moved into the heart of Victoria’s Chinatown. It took no time for him to fall in love with his new city. The friendly and welcoming community served as inspiration for his clean, crisp and vibrant watercolours. Kristofer’s pen & ink pieces capture a moment of time in black and grey; layers upon layers of detail encourage your eyes to wander at length within the illustration. His art resides in private collections in Russia, the UK, across Canada and The United States.
kristofer studio image

Artist Bio : Nathan NAZO Davis
Nathan NAZO Davis is a visual artist with roots in graffiti. For over three decades he has created art that has influenced generations of artists around the world. His vibrant colours and skillful techniques learned at an early age lend well to his current mediums of choice.
From custom model trains to portraits to large-scale abstracts, Nathans work has evolved into an organic representation of what inspires him. Moving to Victoria BC, into the Heart of Canada’s Oldest Chinatown, his surroundings became a muse from where his creativity flows.
His art can be seen worldwide, from Europe to Asia, from North to South America and everywhere between.
Nathan studio image
Artist Statement : Nathan NAZO Davis
Creating art is very therapeutic for me, the process of emptying my heart and soul into each piece I create helps me clear my head and sort myself out. Ever since I was a child I used art as a way for me to deal with the bad times and enhance the good times, using colour and canvas as my form of expression.
For over three decades I’ve been heavily influenced by graffiti, I love the bright colours and individual expression that go with this style of art. Letter bending and playing with colour has given me the foundation for how I approach my work in other mediums such as pencil crayon, watercolour, acrylic and custom model trains. Although my background is primarily in custom graffiti pieces and abstract acrylics I’ve recently been playing around with portraits and landscapes, learning new mediums and techniques. It’s super fun capturing the energy and personality of my subjects, whether they are human or animal.
Life is short and during my time here I hope to keep creating pieces that not only make me feel good and represent me as an artist but make those around me smile.
Stay Creative.

About the Photographer

Robert Lovett is a visual artist quietly making a living with cameras, commercial photography and creative projects in Victoria BC. He is also a husband, a father and a resident who travels between the Gulf Islands and Victoria to be with family. Much of the imagery in this showing is the result of those travels.

Having worked in many creative capacities for over 30 years, Robert draws on a unique history ranging from building and construction to a wide assortment of creative and visual experience that shapes his view of the world around him. Graduating from NSCAD University with a multidisciplinary honours degree in Environmental Planning and Design (BDh EP) Robert would experience the foundation tradition at NSCAD. From that unique exposure to spirit of Bauhaus he would continue to build upon his love for image-making and constructions through experimenting and exploration while meeting the rigorous standards that a professional degree requires. During that time the camera would prove to be the documentation tool that would aid him the most in the spacial and cultural analysis in his course of study. Outside of that rigour, photography would continue to become a new means of pushing image creation further, as the analog medium was just transitioning towards the digital medium at the time of his study.

As a freelance commercial photographer Robert shoots both analog and digital and he is invested in both mediums equally. The images presented are a marriage processes with prints sized at 2×6 feet and 2×2 feet and is limited series of 25 printings. Content is the result of single shots on a FujiFilm GX 617 Panoramic Camera. Film is 120 format Tri-x 400 and Pan F 100. Processing is chemical for the negatives and Digital scan to post and print.

Prints are Archival Quality on 310gsm, 100% cotton, velvet textured fine art paper, sealed with semi-matte Archivacoat.